Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Seven Seeds

I first found out about Seven Seeds through my food chem lecturer. As a coffee lover, she highly recommended theirs so me and Chian Woon decided we just had to go there and try their coffee. My fondness for hidden alleyway cafes was yet again being fullfield cause it doesn't get any hidden then this. When Nicole brought me there I was like....no way...I would never have found this place!

Walking in, the place hits me with a rustic chill urban style feel which I really enjoy, the smell of freshly brewed coffee instantly fills up your senses, reminding you why you're here in the first place. Me and Nic decided to grabbed a coffee and just some quick bites to munch on. I had a flatwhite whilst Nic decided on their hot chocolate. Now Seven Seeds are really famous for their hot chocolate, rich and dark, oh boy it was authentic bitter sweet dark chocolate that just slides down your throat and just makes you close your eyes and just feel. Feel and savour the chocolate, its just one of those little things that just makes life wonderful. We were told that it usually comes with a chocolate stick that melts into the hot chocolate but they were out of it :( ah well, all the more reasons to come back for more :p

There were selections of little treats and bites on the counter. Man so seductive, I could just hear them going :" come onnnnn~~ you know you want someeee~~" You bet I do. So I chose a little carrot cake. When I bit into it, I was glad to find that it wasn't very sweet, with chunks of walnut in there and little carrot bits. The texture was light and crumbly, and the little knob of cream cheese on the top just seals it perfectly. Nic had this meringue muffin sorta? haha its funny, Nic calls it a hybrid muffin. The outer layer was a crunchy meringue but when you bite into it, it has a crumbly muffin to it. I would say it's sorta like a macaron feel? but just the fact that it has an inner muffin like feel just make me go "?!?!?". But man it was gooooooooooood! I highly recommend people to try it, something new and foreign for the tastebuds ;)

*left* hybrid muffin xD *right* carrotcake muffin

Besides those I've also tried their chai latte. It has an earthy spicy taste to it. The flavours weren't very strong but it just has this little kick to it? I liked it but it wasn't my favourite. Their coffee in the other hand was delightful. I could just see me going there everyday to get my daily dose of coffee, how fortunate that the place is just a 3 minutes walk away.

*left* chai latte *right* flatwhite

Besides coffee and cakes, they do serve main dishes as well which looks really delightful and healthy, maybe I'll try them out soon, probably with my mum soon, I know she would just love this place! At the mean time, can't wait till tomorrow so I have an excuse to grab more coffee!

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  1. hey are you new?
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    Good job with it by the way.
    xo Sally Li

  2. Hey Sally! Yeap I am fairly new at this, just started blogging for over a month. Glad you like my blog! Will definitely check out yours! :D