Friday, 5 August 2011

Chocolate Indulgence with the people you love

Happy birthday my dearest Jiamin!

well, technically it was last friday, but awww my little food buddy has hit the big TWOZERO! I know she has been bugging me to go for high tea in a while now but we just never got round to it because high tea can be very expansive, but on her birthday we decided we just had to go! Once a year hahahaha, we shall see about that ;)

So we choose to go to the Langham hotel's Aria. Their signature Langham Tiffin afternoon tea and the Chocolate indulgence afternoon tea are an ARIA tradition, popular with Melbournians and visitors. They have 2 selections on their menus. First the Tiffin afternoon tea set which serves a traditional three tiered silver stand including scones with chantilly cream and preserve and twists on old English favourites. Served with leaf tea, espresso coffee or hot chocolate. The other, which is the Chocolate Indulgence afternoon tea is like the Tiffin afternoon tea, but with an extra selection of delectable chocolate treats that will satisfy the strongest of chocolate cravings.

We choose the chocolate indulgence set and started off straight away by ordering some tea. They have a huge variety of exotic teas. Dari had their apple tree which has a delicate clean refreshing finish with a vitamin c boost for health. The colour of the tea was an attractive pink and it smelled lovely. Same goes to Jiamins'. She had a greentea and also berry green which has a subtle palette of raspberry, strawberry and red currents. The tea smelled lovely but when you actually drink it, it tasted just like any normal tea. I had their latte but as the day progress I eventually tried their cappuccino, chai latte and this flavoured tea called tea party which is a rooibos tea enhanced with the elegance of rose petals. It was delightful indeed. Dari also tried their White Rose which was a potent dose of anti oxidant which is slightly sweet to the pallete.

Now on to the food! As stated above, it was served in a three tiered silver stand. Starting from the bottom stand, it was a delightful selections of sandwiches. The sandwiches that was served were smoked salmon, cucumber ribbon, egg mayo & cress and cream cheese &chives. My favourite would be the smoked salmon, fresh and made delicately.

The second stand consisted of scones served with jam, butter and clotted cream. There were 2 types of scones, plain ones and  chocolate chipped scones. The texture was lovely but the shape was abit wonky and those scones were so filling! Dari absolutely adored the cream, they were whipped well and the taste wasn't too strong, goes with the scones perfectly.

Now on to the final plate, the little dessert bites which consisted of valrhona chocolate and malibu souffle, lime and bitter trifle, jaffa chocolate torte, chocolate truffle marquise, strawberry chocolate vacherin & elderflower cream, and last but not least, amarascataroulade with cocoa nibs. By the end of these, I could honestly say, death by chocolate literally. My favourite would probably be the jaffa chocolate torte, the sweetness of the orange and the bitterness of the chocolate are match made in heaven indeed with a little layer of orange jelly in the bottom. I wanted more of those! The lime and bitter trifle was something new, but I would say it was abit too sour for our taste buds.

Overall the experience was delightful, we finally had our first high tea experience! I'd say the price wasn't really worth it, although the food and drinks were free flow but we were pretty much full when we finished the first servings. Definitely because of the scones. But catching up on old times and just talking was great, I have missed you girls :) and like I've stated, chocolate indulgence with the ones you love, priceless.

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