Friday, 29 July 2011

Ramen Ya

After a month of much needed break, the winter holidays were over and it was back to uni for another hardcore semester, bring it on! Well first day back in uni was always a great time to catch up with friends, I had a 2 hour break so me and Jiamin wanted to grab something quick to eat. We decided to head of to ramen ya as we heard they have some cheap and good ramen.

Ramen ya was situated in a little lane way between the GPO and the new Myers building. I realised that I sort of have a thing for hidden restaurants at alleyways recently, maybe its the 'in' thing now? being hidden and mysterious, not knowing what you're gonna expect? haha life is about expecting the unexpected anyways. So as the name stated, they have a variety of ramens, not only that, they serve bento boxes as well. After deciding, Jiamin decided to get their chef's speciality, the charshu ramen and I got their gyoza ramen. There are 3 different soup base to choose from which was tonkutsu, miso and shoyu.

First impression we got when the dish came was...where's the charshu? There was only a miserable few thin slices, which was disappointing. Jiamin had a tonkutsu soup base and she claimed that it tasted abit weird. But the texture of the ramen noodles was good and for 10 bucks, the ramen was quite a decent size.

I had a shoyu soup base for my gyoza ramen. The soup was alright but it left a little weird after taste in my mouth. The gyoza was good but I think it lacks filling, would love to have more meat in my gyoza. The ramen noodles, again, was good and the dish came together pretty well.

So in conclusion, for 10 bucks you get a pretty good decent size bowl of ramen, would probably come back and try their bento boxes, fingers cross it won't be as disappointing as their ramen.

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  1. I want to 'LIKE' this entry!!!!
    look so good!!!exactly like the one in Naruto!!!!

  2. LOL logie! Naruto! Hahaha totally forgot that naruto is a ramen freak xD