Thursday, 25 August 2011

The League of Honest Coffee

Becoming a recent coffee lover, I have been scouting for good coffee places around Melbourne. Gaga suggested that I have to try the coffee place downstairs from where he lives so we decided to head of to The League of Honest Coffee for a good coffee fix after class with Nic.

Upon entering the cafe I could instantly smell the beautiful burst of coffee aroma. I was freaking jealous when Gaga told me that he could smell the coffee aroma when he wakes up every morning all the way from his apartment. I reckon waking up to the sinful smell of coffee is one of the pleasurable things in life :). The sight of the cafe was small but cosy, the interior of the cafe is simple and its a good place to just catch up with friends or to settle in with a good book. There was a corner of the cafe where you can browse and purchase coffee beans, coffee mugs, coffee flasks etc. This place is literally a coffee heaven.

Nic and I was feeling mocha that day so we each ordered one. Their mocha was lovely, rich bitter dark chocolate with a hint of caffeine. Although it was bitter but it was a good bitter? You don't even need to add sugar into it. I reckon their mocha might be even better than seven seeds :P. Gaga ordered their cuppachino. I had a sip of it and boy that cappa was oh so smooth~ no sugar was needed as well! I would actually say that this is one of the best coffee places Melbourne has to offer, highly recommended to coffee lovers out there! Oh! and I also had their white choc raspberry muffin to go with my coffee and it was delightful, not too sweet with chunks of white chocolate, it was a very satisfying afternoon tea session indeed.

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  1. pretty neat trick for a coffee design. very presentable. here in our place we dont have yet something like that because coffee are not popular in here but i wish someday i could have a store like that.

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  2. Hi! just wanna add something, they are actually by Padre's coffee, which has another shop in Brunswick and South Melbourne Market. The 1 in Brunswick is known as East Brunswick Project, good coffee and great filtered coffee. Additionally, they all use Slayers (hand crafted)as their main coffee machine. Very delicate and high maintaining cost. I would highly recommend another 2 new cafes, Plantation in Melbourne Central's newly opened corner at the 2nd floor (by St Ali) and Market Lane coffee in Vic Market (by the same Market Lane in Pahran Market).