Monday, 25 June 2012

Stove Monkey

I have no idea why not many people know about this place, but I must say this is one of the best brunch places I have ever had! Stove Monkey is situated on Clarendon street and its really easy to find! One thing tho, they don't open on Sundays, only from Monday to Saturday.

It has been awhile when I visited Stove Monkey but their must try dish would be their crumbed poached eggs! Oh man where do I even begin... Great crunch with yolk still ozing out with a pierce, together with the corn patty fritters, lovely lovely dish. I ordered a side of their pork belly and it was cooked and caramelised to perfection. They also have a create your own dish design where you can mix and match whatever your hearts desired.

For this post I would just let the pictures do the talking as they are worth a thousand words, but a huge thumbs up for this place! A must visit! :)

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Breakfast Thieves

Finally! I'm blogging again! :D Happy days~~~ which means I get to roam around and hunt for new places, new food and new places for great catch ups!

So Breakfast Thieves was waiting patiently on my list for awhile now, having just opened for 2 months, it has become quite the talk of the town. Located at Fitzroy near Smith street, it was a little humble corner shop with clear windows displaying the little cosy rustic urban atmosphere. I was so excited when I first laid eyes on that place, didn't helped that I was super duper hungry at the time, gah FOOD!

So starting of with drinks, I had their chai latte whilst Log had a cappuccino and Larry a hot chocolate. Having a sip, my chai latte was yum with a tinge of spice! They didn't served their chai with honey but I was actually loving their spiced chai latte, yummy oh yum! Me and Log both stole a sip from Larry's hot chocolate and man, it was chocolaty! But not too sweet as well and for the price of $3.50 I thought it was very well worth it, almost had one myself :P

Spiced Chai Latte


Hot Chocolate
Now moving on to food time!!! I decided on the Leprechaun which was a crisp sweet corn and basil spiced fritters with homemade baked beans and a side os smashed avocado and poached eggs on toast with a side of lemon thymed mushrooms. It was YUMS! Absolutely demolished the place, including the baked beans which I normally won't eat. Eggs were beautifully poached, I had to fight of both Log and Larry from wanting to pierce my eggs! Fritters has the right amount of balance in flavour and the crisp was krunchieeee! Loges decided on the Thieves on the Run which was John Harbour 'western plain pork' bacon with a thin omelette, 12 month old Jack's reserve chedder, wild rocket, homemade tomato relish in a traditional ciabata roll. Loges loved the way it was plate up and not a typical everything splurge on the plate, chosing to eat with style, he used cutlery to break open his breakfast rather than just eating it like a dude xD Larry loved the tomato relish, saying its got the chunks of tomato which a good amount of sweetness which binds the dish beautifully. Now larry ordered the Legend, which was spicy baked eggs with spanish chorizo, baby spinich, spiced tomato ragout, yarra valley persian goat's fetaserved with herbed garlic toast. From the first mouth, it did tasted really spicy but when combine all components together, the feta reduced the spiciness and the spinich was blanched with the tomato ragout which brings together a rustic tasty dish. Being the slowest to finish his dish, he did receive an amount of tease from both Loges and I, teehee!

Thieves on the Run
The Leprechaun

The Legend
So that's the end of my post! I would definitely recommend the Breakfast Thieves, although I would say if you want to arrange a catch up brunch, try to go with a smaller group as the place is quite small. Toodles! :D

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