Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Char Siu House

Bexie is back! which means a catch up session is a MUST with the girls! Ethel has been telling me about Char Siu House so we decided to head off there for dinner. Upon entering the place, it really reminded me of a typical restaurant in Malaysia, the tables and the surrounding atmosphere, feels just like home :) They had tea served in those little Chinese cups which I really loved.

We were all really hungry so we wasted no time in ordering our food. Irene decided on their shredded pork with soft egg sauce on rice noodles. Bex ordered their roast pork with veges on noodles while Ethel and I had their house specialty, mixed roast of two kinds with rice. Ethel choose their roast duck and roast pork whereas I choose their roast pork and char siu. The flavours were good but for the portion of roast pork I had, there were huge bones in it so I didn't really had much meat to munch on which was abit disappointing. I also think that they should put more bak choy on the dish to balance out the texture of the dish.

Dinner was good but the company was even better. Chatting and laughing, its like Bex had never left :) After dinner we went to have a little dessert, good ol' classic mcflurries with little twists. Maccas introduced 4 new flavours for a limited amount of time which was double choc fudge, strawberry crumble, caramel cookie and bubblegum squash! Bex, Ethel, Irene and Jess all had double choc fudge and I had the caramel cookie. You can never go wrong with mcflurries ;) best thing ever created!

Overall it was a lovely night and I really love hanging out with my girls. Loads of love to my darlings Bex, Irene, Ethel and Jess! xoxo

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