Saturday, 15 December 2012

Vue De Monde

The Vue De Monde experience is definitely a must for any foodies out there. I won't say much in this post as I'll just let the pictures do the talking. The whole experience from the environment, the service and of course the food was amazing. It was indeed a great afternoon well spent with Nicole and it was one of the best birthday lunches for the both of us.

Course 1

Course 2

Course 3

Course 4 - Onion Soup

Course 5

Palate Cleanser of grapfruit and lime sorbet with microherbs

Course 6

Course 7

Course 8

Assortment of Cheese

Course 9

Course 10

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Fandango take 2!

I'd waked up at 8am just for Fandango's breakfast, Nuff said! :D

Pesto Scramble eggs, beetroot eggs, THEIR MUSHROOMS! OMG THEIR MUSHROOMS ARE A MUST HAVE!!!!

Heart food. Home food.  

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Taco Truck!!

Ever since I followed the Taco Truck on twitter I have been dying to try them out!! Always finding the truck  far from where I am, that task has been delayed BUT finallllyyyyy after 3 weeks of patiently waiting, I managed to try the TACO TRUCKKK!! 

Teeheeeeee! xD

Fish, chicken or potato?? That's their menu! Wasn't hard for me to decide, chicken and potato is it!! We for the taco set for two to share which comes with a side of tortilla chips. The chicken came with the soft taco and the potato came in the hard crunchy tacos. The potato taco was yum, although it lacked seasoning of salt, it was still yummy! But the chicken taco omg, with corn spilling out everywhere ( I love corn!! ) yummmmmmmmm!!!

So just a little fun post this time :D Just to add a little excitement in life, follow the taco truck!

P/S: THANKSSSS JOHN + JIAMINNNN for chasing the taco truck with meeee xD next stop! gumbo kitchen and the beatbox kitchen!!

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Mama Baba

Short and Sweet...

Mama Baba is George Colombaris' latest restaurant, located on Daly Street at South Yarra. The focus of this new restaurant creates dishes that make you think fondly of your grandmother, but with the newness of today in terms of ingredients, technique and flavours. The dishes that are served are simple and uncomplicated BUT with incredible flavours.

With an open kitchen and a very modern, soul set up, the dining experience is indeed different and homey. The menu was very much pasta based with very interesting and different selections. As a little snack starter we ordered some CROQUETTES with Crab and sweetcorn to start. With a crunchy layer and a soft delicate flavour of the crab, it was nice and expected, not a mind blowing starter dish. To continue, I ordered their HILOPITES with Rabbit stifado, apple cider, mustard & pancetta. With the first mouth full of freshly made pasta, which was cooked beautifully might I add, was yummmmm! How am I suppose to go back to ordinary packeted pasta now! My rabbit was tender and juicy as well, with a generous portion of it too! JM ordered the RAVIOLI with Truffle pecorino, duck ragu & asparagus. Firstly it was hilarious when JM found out there was only 3 ravioli on her plate, I quote "how is this suppose to fill me up?!?!?!" hahahahhaa but anyways the dish was yumz, duck was cooked well and was deeelicious. Sharon went with their MAKARONIA with White balsamic braised lamb, chestnuts and oregano. Lamb was tender and again the pasta, freshly made and cooked to perfection was absolutely a delight to out palates. Also we ordered a side of ASPARAGUS with marjoram vinaigrette & ricotta salata.

Now for dessert! We ordered the House Italian Mess as well as 2 scoops of ice-cream, organic cola sorbet and a Milk and Milo Ice-cream! Surprisingly the Italian mess was not as sweet as expected and was actually really nice! It's funny how I've always wanted to try Eton Mess and ended up trying the Italian mess first. The organic cola sorbet was wooooooooooooo! First taste and we got out eyes popping, it taste like cola and it was awesomeee! Milo ice-cream was not as exciting, would love the flavour to pop out more but still yum-o.

George Colombaris definitely didn't disappoint, Mama Baba gets a huge thumbs up from me :)

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