Thursday, 18 August 2011

Naked For Satan

Scanning through urbanspoon, the word 'naked' and 'satan' would always stand out like a sore thumb so finally I admitted defeat and dragged Nic and Sasa to be my partners in crime as we headed of to Naked for Satan. Now Naked for Satan actually started as a bar and is famous for their infused vodka. Naturally the 3 of us took a quick scan of the menu and ordered 3 delightful cocktails at 2pm on a Friday afternoon, yeaaaap, it's fridayyy fridayyyy, great way to start the weekend I might add ;)

Can't really remember what I had but I think mine was a melon vodka mixture whilst sasa had a citrus melon vodka mixture? and Nic just had an everything vodka mixture hahaha if I ever do go back to Naked for Satan I would definitely take down their menu and to put down the actual name of the cocktail we ordered BUT in conclusion, all 3 cocktails were spectacular! Craving for one now as I type on...

Now on to the most exciting bit! Zee food! Naked for Satan are famous for Pintxos which are toothpicks holding different ingredients together and is on a piece of bread. Pintxoz actually makes really good pub food, bite-sized snacks that would go very well with any beer of cocktails. All pintxos are 80 cents each on a weekday afternoon starting from 12 to 4pm plus mon to wed night till late so they are really really cheap! cheap food = awesome! Other times it would be 2 dollars a stick. We were so hungry that when we got there that we basically charged and attacked the pintxos table. Me and Nic planned to try every stick they have on the table but we totally underestimated those little sticks cause they fill you up rather quickly! Evil evil little sticks!
There were a range of selections to choose from. Plus they change their pintxos menu constantly so you don't get the same selections everyday. These were the selections that were available when I went.

Smoked salmon & pickled onions : This wasn't spectacular with the slice of salmon being very thin.
Gilda: olives, pickled chillis & anchovy: Didn't try this one cause I'm not an olive fan
Chorizo, cream cheese & green chilli: This was good and the green chilli wasn't spicy at all.
Balsamic caramelised pear & cream cheese: My ultimate FAVOURITE! the combination was amazing!
Eggplant chip, blue cheese & honey: The bluecheese was quite overpowering
Blueberry casis canoli: Canoli was quite hard and the blueberry flavour wasn't strong enough
Cauliflower, manouri cheese & garlic prawns: This was good, fresh garlic prawns
Grilled veg salad & balsamic glaze: Didn't try this
Artichoke, goat's gouda & tapenade: Didn't try this
Pissaladiere: onions, anchovy & olives: Didn't try this
Octopus, chickpea & caperberry: This would probably be my second favourite, combination was yum!
Ham, terrine & dijonnaise: Didn't try this
Spicy Sopressa: Didn't try this
Scallop, peas and cherry tomato: The scallop was cold and the flavour didn't come through that well
Tortilla with aioli: -Riceball, creamcheese & quince paste: Probably their signature pintxos. It was delightful
Carrot & garlic field mushrooms: Sasa and Nic's fav, the carrot puree goes so well with the mushrooms!

Overall, we really enjoyed our trip to Naked for Satan, great cocktails and cheap food, we were all smiles when we left the place with our very VERY satisfied stomach. Would definitely come back to have more cocktail and pintxos! Highly recommended!

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