Saturday, 13 August 2011

Gurney Drive

Not to be mistaken with the actual Gurney Drive in Penang, Malaysia, Gurney Drive is a Penang-style  restaurant based in west Melbourne. When catching up with my aunt, she suggested that we try it out, just to see if it does our local food justice. Sad to say that it didn't :( Their service was slow with only one people working on the night. Their food was alright but it wasn't good enough to make me wanna go back.

We started of with some spring roles. It wasn't the authentic Penang style spring roles where you dip them in a vinegar sweet sauce ish, it was just the normal ones with sweet chili sauce. Nicely wrapped and fried tho.

We ordered a variety of mains to share amongst ourselves. We had their tom yam noodles, wa tan hor, roti canai with chicken curry and their famous nonya style fish fillets. The noodles that came with the tom yam was not cooked properly and the tom yam soup itself wasn't very flavoursome. Same goes to the wa tan hor, would like it to be more seasoned. The chicken curry that came with the roti canai was good but the roti itself was flat and uncrisp. The nonya fish fillet on the other hand was really good, it came with some green beans which really complimented the dish, plus it wasn't very spicy.

Overall, the food was alright, not one of the best Malaysian restaurant Melbourne has to offer. The food served lack seasoning but I would definitely recommend their nonya styled fish fillet.

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