Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Earl Canteen

Earl canteen has been the talk of the town for quite sometime now, and I've always wanted to try it out. Having not caught up for a very long time, Piek Chea decided we should have lunch together and we both agreed to head off to Earls. Yippie! finally I got to try their food and we weren't disappointed one bit!

Situated behind an office building, it has a relaxing environmental feel, together with a few more other cafes and restaurants, it is quite isolated which I think is great. I can see that most of the customers here are working people on their lunch break. A place to get their mind off daily stress and work and to just enjoy good food and a cup of coffee, even if its just an hour :) Makes it all the more reason to enjoy it! It was great seeing Peik Chea after not seeing her for almost half a year. We choose to sit outside, taking advantage of the glorious warm day which we rarely get during winter.

Look who decided to drop by?

While scanning through the menu, we were told that their signature pork belly baguette has been sold out. I decided to have their duck confit which has duck confit, caramelised figs, walnuts, onion jam, radicchio and watercress serve in ciabatta. Oh man, it was soooooo good! They were very generous with the duck confit which I was very please and the sweetness of the caramelised figs and the onion jam just brought the whole dish together. The texture of the walnut gave the dish a crunch texture and with the radicchio and watercress just makes it such a beautiful dish. Highly recommended! 

Peik Chea ordered their Mushroom and goats' curd which consists of roast field mushrooms, goats' curd, pesto, chestnuts and rocket, served with ciabatta as well. The mushrooms were roast to perfection and very juicy, plus the amount of pesto in the ciabatta was beautiful. The goats' curd was good as well, not too salty although they might have put abit too much of them. Overall it was a beautiful dish.

I have heard that their macarons weren't very consistent so we were doubtful whether or not we should get some to try. There were only 2 flavours that were available, their salted caramel and their earl grey tea flavoured macaron. Having tried a fair share of macarons, earl grey was quite new to both us hence we decided to try it. Oh man, the macarons were delightful! not only was the texture spot on, the flavour was great, with just a hint of earl grey tea in there, it was just what we need to finish our beautiful lunch.

Overall, we enjoyed the food very much and most importantly the company It was great catching up with you Peik Chea! I'm sure we would have many more lunch dates to come ;)

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  1. Yes, there are so many places awaiting us :)