Monday, 22 August 2011

Grigons & Orr

Hidden away in north Melbourne, nestled in the corner of a street is Grigons & Orrs. This cafe is one of my all time favourite places to visit when I just want to hide away, settle in with a good book and enjoy a good cup of coffee. The interior of the Grigons & Orr kinda reminds me of an Asian convenience store that they have back home in Malaysia. When you first walked in, you'll see shelves stacked all the way up to the ceiling, selling everyday goods such as pastas, baked beans in cans, wasabi and a whole lot of random stuff one can think of. The cutest thing is they actually do sell whatever on display so if you are ever running out of milk or oil, you can just pick them up from the cafe, talk about convenience!

The cafe itself is really small, fitting only 4 tables inside with a coffee counter displaying different lollies and pastries. Perfectly baked shaped scones, cupcakes covered with rich smooth icing, man they are so hard to resist! There are more seats outside the cafe and one thing which I find real sweet of them is that they have nice cosy quilt lay out for customers to just snuggle in on a cold day.

Having been there a couple of times, I am loving their coffees! They seem to have a variety of juices as well but I have yet to try them, definitely will in the near future. So below are the coffees I've had. One of my favourite would be their hot chocolate cause they come with marshmallows as well xD a playful touch on a classic drink which I really love.

Hot Chocolate with marshmallows

Besides their coffees, they do breakfast and lunch as well. So far I've tried their steak sandwich which consists of a grilled rib eye steak serve in a warm ciabatta roll with rocket, aioli and Dijon mustard. The steak was cooked medium-well done but it wasn't tough and dry, instead the meat was juicy and it went well with the Dijon mustard and aioli. I have also tried their BLT which is essentially bacon, lettuce and oven dried tomatoes with aioli and tomato jam on toast. It's simplicity at its best but I would recommend trying other dishes that are available on the menu. What used to be my ultimate favourite is their tofu steak served in a bed of sauteed Spanish and mushrooms with balsamic glazed. Unfortunately they changed their menu and they no longer serve it, I was so sad when I found out! But the new dish on the menu which is their pork sandwich is now my new favourite dish! It is slow cooked pork shoulder serve with capers, anchovies, aoili and garlic butter. I took Chian Woon there for lunch after uni and we both tried it. The first thing Chian Woon pointed out was that she could see chunks and chunks of whole roasted garlic in the garlic butter which she just loved. When we pop it into out mouth, it literally dissolve together with the anchovies and aoili. The pork shoulder was braised to perfection and just melts in our mouth as well. Guys, you just HAVE to try it to understand what I am talking about ;) One of the cakes that is often displayed on the counter is their passion fruit curd cheesecake and it is delicious! Beautiful texture and not too sweet, just right for the pallet to end a wonderful lunch.


Steak Sandwich

Tofu Steak ~R.I.P~

Pork Sandwich

Passion fruit Curd Cheesecake

I would advise going early in the weekend if you want a seat cause they don't take reservation and it tends to get quite pack due to the limited amount of space. But yes, I hope you guys will enjoy Grigons & Orr as much as I did :).

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  1. sure i'd love to. how much was the sandwiches, steak and coffees?
    btw the tofu steak looks amazing and to die for.
    are they open for breakfast?
    xo newintstudents blog
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  2. Hii yeap they open from 9-5pm so they do breakfast as well. Price range is standard 10-13 bucks ish. Do enjoy!

  3. Yeah, I love Grigons & Orr too. While it reminds you of an old Malaysian convenience store it reminds me of an old Australian country town shop, back from when I was a kid. Food good, atmosphere better.