Tuesday, 6 September 2011

By Korea

Being back in Uni means that lunch sessions are always a must. While having lunch with my girls, Chian Woon decided to take us to By Korea for some korean food. I vaguely remember being here few years back (yes, few years back. you've read right LOL), and I really liked their chicken dol sot bibim bob. This time scanning through their lunch menus, I decided to get their octopus dol sot bibim bob. Chian Woon had the octopus as well but instead of bibim bob she had the grilled babyoctopus bento ricebox while Sharon decided on their kimchi stew with rice. Jiamin and Dari took a while to decide what they wanted but finally they both decided to get kim chi and pork bibim bob and katsu don respectively.

Overall I think lunch was well worth it although I would love more octopus on my bibim bab. Oh! The weekdays lunch special comes with a soft drink as well but yea lunch dates with my girls are always delightful and there would definately be more to come :)

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