Sunday, 10 July 2011

D.O.C Pizza & Mozzarella Bar

So me and my family was scouting around Lygon street for dinner and we have heard a little publicity on DOC so thought we might go check it out. The restaurant serves authentic Italian pizzas and might I add, served the best pizzas I've ever tasted! The base was thin and crisp and they have an assorted range of toppings selection. The specials served on the day was pizza with grilled eggplant and buffalo mozzarella and pizza with roasted pumpkin and caramelised leeks. I was so sad that I didn't take a picture of the pizzas when they came! Once the pizza was served we just started demolishing it right away because we were all so hungry! Besides that we also ordered a few other pizzas on the menu.

Pizza ai Porcini with wild mushrooms, truffle oil & mozzarella in bianco

Calzone with mozzarella, salame, provolone and macerated olives

Pizza Salsiccia with Leo's sausage, creme di brocolli and mozzarella

Pizza tiger prawns with tomato, mozzarella, endive and fresh chili

D.O.C Pizza with buffalo mozzarella and San Daniele prosciutto
*The prosciutto was TO-DIE-FOR*

Sweet Pizza c/ Belgium white chocolate & fresh strawberries with vanilla bean ice-cream
and might I add, this is as close as heaven as you can get. yeap. it's that GOOD.

Interesting fact, do you know the difference between prosciutto and pancetta? So prosciutto is a cured haunch of pig seasoned with salt pepper and a little garlic with incomparable taste due to favourable climate and a healthy diet in pigs, essentially cured ham. Pancetta is a fatty bacon from the belly of the pig flavoured with flavourings such as pepper, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg in either fresh, smoked or dried form.

Anyways I would highly recommend D.O.C to anyone who's an Italian/pizza fan and thanks again Winnie for the lovely dinner. we really had a feast didn't we! :)


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