Thursday, 21 July 2011

Giraffe Cafe

It's been awhile since I've last been to giraffe cafe. I would say that it had to be my favourite cafe to go to for a cup of coffee or desserts back in 2009. The interior of the cafe is adorable and is design to make the customers feel like home, I could just sit there for hours easily. Oh! and hidden around the shelves are little games that could be played such as uno cards and jenga. I remember the time where me and my friend were trying so hard not to lose at jenga cause everytime it crashes, people around us would stare at us and we would just burst into giggles xD lovely memories~

Now on to the food! My absolute favourite from giraffe cafe would be their chocolate pudding. I would describe it as orgasmic. Yeap, heavenly orgasmic, when the cold vanilla ice-cream melts and blend with the hot freshly baked chocolate pudding, prepare yourself for 5 minutes in heaven. Highly recommended!

Besides that, their signature cheesecake was delightful as well, although I wouldn't think I could finish one on my own. I've also tried the chocolate brownie with ice-cream. It was good but it wasn't a standout, and it won't make me scream out for more. Oh! another one of my favourite desserts was pear with Belgium waffles. Deeeeeeeelightful.

Besides their dessert, they do have some savoury dishes as well. I highly recommend their sesame chicken noodle salad, this dish is healthy and fresh, with the dressing on the noodle and salad, its refreshing and you wouldn't have guess that such simple flavours could go so well with one another.

Their cold soba with dumplings was good and is also a vegetarian dish. Their shepherd's pie was pretty good as well. What's bad at giraffe cafe is their pastas :S Tasted abit like it's cooked from a can, but their mushroom risotto was pretty good, not too creamy. Their creamy pumpkin curry was yum, but it tends to get abit too much towards the end, my friend had difficulty finishing a bowl although the portion wasn't very big.

So in conclusion, stay away from their pastas and pleaseeeeee do have their chocolate pudding! You'll regret it if you don't!

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