Monday, 25 July 2011

The Quarter

So Nicole and I decided to have lunch at Degrave's street, and we couldn't decide on which cafe to go for. As we are walking along Degraves, I remembered having eaten at The Quarter before, but I've only tried their breakfast menu and if memory served me right, I really enjoyed their breakfast, so why not give their lunch menu a shot? no harm done right? well we weren't disappointed that's for sure.

Although the place was really small and packed, their service was pretty good. They have a wide variation of food on their menu, which made it even harder for us to decide what to get. In the end I went for their chicken and chorizo risotto arborio rice with marinated chicken fillets, which has spicy chorizo sausage and green peas tossed in a light red sauce and topped with parmesan cheese whilst Nic had their pasta of the day which was penne with seared scallops calamari, black olives and spinach in a garlic and napoli sauce. They both tasted as good as it sounded, although my only complain would be the risotto needed to be cooked just a teewee bit more, and it would have been perfect, but the flavours were all there and tasted amazing.

Penne with seared scallops, calamari, black olives and spinach in a garlic and napoli sauce

Chicken and chorizo risotto

Nic's iced chocolate ~
As for the breakfast menu, I remembered having their Eggs Salmon which consisted of 2 poached eggs with smoked salmon and baby spinach on toasted turkish bread, topped with hollandaise sauce. I had hashbrowns on the side just cause I was craving for them xD My friend had their Spanish eggs cooked Mediterranean style with chorizo which was on special on the day. Breakfast was agreeable with my eggs poached to perfection! Of course no breakfast would be completed without coffee, my friend and I ordered a flat white and a hot chocolate.

flat white & hot chocolate

Eggs Salmon

Spanish Eggs
 Overall, The Quarter offered great food and great service, would definitely come back to tick of the rest of the menu!

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