Tuesday, 19 July 2011


So the new talk of the town is Luxbites! Yeap the name truly speaks for itself, luxury bites is what this pâtisserie café presents, showering the customers with edible jewel box of colours, flavours and textures designed to delight the eyes, as well as the taste buds. Personally I've been there a couple of times and I am loving their macarons! mainly because they have that precise texture a macaron should have and it's not too sweet as well. They have a total of 16 flavours and so far I've tried 9 of them. Their flavours consists of watermelon yoghurt, mandarin saffron, raspberry and white chocolate, peanut butter & jelly, sicilian pistachio, strawberry cream, oreo, creme brulee, mocha, choc cherry, passionfruit, kaffir lime, chocolate freckle, salted caramel, rose and lychee and last but not least, their signature macaron >> the kaya toast. My favourite would obviously be the kaya toast, with the little nob of butter in the middle presents an exotic malaysian taste fuse with an italain creation...yummmm. Mandarin saffron and peanut butter & jelly was extraordinary as well. A little note on kaffir lime, it sorta tasted like rendang to me :P so you might want to prepare youself while nibbling into it.

Besides their macarons, they have eye popping desserts as well. I've tried Oriental Love which is a coconut macaron with passionfruit curd, pandan cream, caramelised banana and peanut brittle. Might I say when I heard about this combination, I just couldn't imagine how the flavours would blend together but surprise surprise they did! the caramelised banana and the pandan cream tasted amazing with the coconut macaron, although the passionfruit curd and peanut brittle didn't come through as well.

For all those extreme chocolate lovers, I would definitely recommend the supersized macarons. This macaron is MASSIVE! and its filled with different textures of chocolate. I couldn't really remember what those textures are exactly but there's a chocolate ganache inside coated with hazelnut peanut crumbles. I would recommend sharing this with a friend cause with the amount of chocolate in there...you'll feel pretty sick in the end. Just a warning :) haha death by chocolate literally.

yeap...that's just how big the supersized macaron was!

Besides sweets, they do serve savoury food as well. I've tried their smoked salmon, rocket, caper berries and lemon cream sandwich. The bread was well toasted and the lemon cream does bring out the smoked salmon. My friend tried their twice cooked pork belly, endive and star anise apple chutney sandwich, and commented that it was deeeeeeeeeelicious. I couldn't agree more :)

Besides the sandwich, I had a chicken and leak pie as well. This dish wasn't on the menu, it was on their specials for the day, The pastry was baked well, all I would say is that the chicken leak was a little less seasoned but other then that, this was a good dish.

Luxury bites you want, luxury bites you've got! This place won't disappoint you :) I'll definitely be coming back for more yummy macarons!

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