Monday, 18 July 2011

Yummy food in the cold!

Me and my family planned a little day trip up to the Mt Buller over the weekend and might I say, we couldn't have chose a more better day! The weather was glorious and sunny on the day, thank God we missed the fog and heavy snowfalls just the day before.

Because of the cold weather, it would seem natural that our stomachs started growling almost instantly we got off the bus from the long 4 hour drive up the snowie mountains, so we decided to grab a quick lunch. We went to Cattleman's and ordered beer-battered Flathead with chips and coleslaw served with a garlic mayo sauce, a Mexican grilled chicken burger and bowl of wedges with sweet chili and sour cream. The beer-battered fish was divine and it was a great meal for a cold snowy day xD the grilled chicken was a tad bit dry and the bun was abit too big? Actually its more like too much bread and too little chicken, huge disappointment :( Wedges was.....come on, wedges and chips would always taste good so yea haha overall I would say lunch was yumzzzzz. We went out to the snow again but after a few snowball fights and some tobogganing we got really hungry again and so we went to grab some buttermilk pancakes topped with juicy blueberries and yeaap...I know this is going to sound ridiculous, ice-cream, which despite the cold, me and my family were craving for :P and might i say, the pancakes were awesomeee.

Ahhhh, great day great fun :) Will most definitely be back in the coming years and hopefully even give snowboarding a try? haha we shall see..

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