Saturday, 16 July 2011

Cafe Issus

Centre Place in Melbourne is well known as Melbourne's best hidden secret! A place to be "unseen" to be "unfound" and to be "undiscovered" is where I found this little place, Cafe Issus. I've been to Cafe Issus a couple of times now and I would say its a good place to have brunch. I've tried both the lunch and breakfast menu and they were both equally pleasing. Service at Issus was slow and the place was pretty small and crowded but overall, I do enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy every moment of being a part of Melbourne's best hidden secrets!

First of all I would talk about the breakfast menu. I've tried the big breakfast and their eggs royale/benedict with sausages. I really liked the eggs royale, my eggs were poached to perfection and the smoked salmon was fresh. If you're looking for something sweet, the pancakes was delightful as well.

The BIG Breakfast!

Eggs Royale

Eggs Benedict with Sausages


I actually like their lunch menu better than their breakfast menu. One of my favourite dish was their chicken skewers. The chicken has been seasoned well, only downfall is they put way too much roquette on the dish and as you all know roquette has a particular bitter taste which tends to become unpleasant when we eat too much of it. One of my friends actually described it as thought he was munching on weeds which I found quite funny but true at the same time xD Next is their zatars. My favourite would be the chicken zatars, which is a lebanese flat bread filled with chicken breast w tzatziki and saganaki cheese. The chicken has been flavoured well and the zatars lightly  toasted. Their side salad changes from time to time having once with chickpeas with roquette and another with bacon and baked potatoes with rocket. I can't really remember the name of this pasta dish but I think it was pasta with chorizo and if memory serves me right, it was quite yummy as well! I would highly recommend their seared prawns with linguini with pan seared prawns with fresh tomato, basil and chilli tossed with roquette. This would be my sisters favourite dish from Isuss.

Chicken Skewers

Chicken Zatars

Chorizo Pasta

Seared Prawns with Linguini
 Overall, service might be slow but the foods good and hey, what more could I ask for? :)

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