Sunday, 18 September 2011

Chef Lagenda

From time to time, I would have some guest stars to share their love for food with me. For this post, my sister Yin has decided to share her thoughts on Chef Lagenda. Hope you guys enjoy!

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For the very special occassion of my little sister turning 14, we decided to take re-visit the flavours of our hometown by going to Chef Legenda, a cosy little restaurant tucked away in Flemington.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is quite homey while the intererior design manages the incoporate rustic and contemporary art. When we arrived, the restaurant was quite packed so its good to make a reservation beforehand.

We were led to a quiet little table in the corner which was quite good because we had some privacy. However, I noticed a charming little balcony where there some tables for you to dine out in the fresh air. If you'd like to dine al fresco, you could ask for a table out on the balcony.

The menu is quite authentic and boasted almost all of the delicious Malaysian dishes. My sisters and I decided on ordering the Hainanese Chicken Rice, Fried Hokkien Noodle, Hokkien Noodles in Laksa Soup with BBQ Pork and Soya Duck, Pan-friend Pork Dumplings as well as  the Sago pudding and Passion Fruit Milk Tea for dessert.

The laksa soup was absolutely to die for. I felt like I could get high from the creaminess of the soup. I definitely recommend that. The meat in the dumplings was really smooth and tasty. However there was just too much skin and not enough meat. The fried hokkien noodles was a little bit too much and can be overpowering for those with weak stomachs. The chicken rice was average but I think the rice can be more flavoursome. The sago pudding was too sweet and we had to pour some water into to dilute the Malacca sugar but otherwise it was okay.

The service was pretty good and we manage to meet the owner himself on our way out who shared his thoughts on hayfever and the medical bills that come with it. It was an interesting conversation.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I'd definitely choose Chef Lagenda over Laksa King. Thanks to Matthew Tran for recommending me this place. Its always nice and comforting to have some Malaysian food from time to time.


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  1. i often come here on the weekend with my family. haven't ordered the hokkien mee and sago pudding before, but everything else you ordered, we quite enjoyed. though, i do agree the chicken rice could be more flavorful.

    the pan mee and char kway teow are our family's favourite picks :)