Thursday, 8 September 2011

Image Superstore Cafe

As my coffee hunting adventure continues, I stumble across this picture perfect little cafe located just a few minutes walk from Melbourne University. Being a photographic themed cafe, the interior of the cafe is just spectacular, with different furnitures being displayed in every corner of the cafe, pictures of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe hanging on the wall plus the music played has a totally different feel and elegance, giving the customers a little 60's experience.

Oh yes, time to talk about the food and drinks shall we? They don't serve any main meals in the cafe, just the usual muffins and pies and sandwiches. I don't think the prices are worth it but the drinks are alright. I had their vanilla chai smoothie which was absolutely delicious! This is the first time I had a cold version of chai latte and I am absolutely loving it! There's always room for something new in one's life :) I also tried their caramel latte. No complains there from me. Anne tried their oh so vanilla chai latte and their soy latte. She gave the thumbs up as well! Oh! she also tried their banana and nuts muffin and let me tell you she was a very happy Anne ;)

Yeap, this post is full of pictures and hey, a picture says more than a thousand words. :) You know where to find me during my breaks now! Sipping vanilla chai smoothie at the Image Superstore Cafe.

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  1. where is it? you forgot the address! i wanna go!

  2. Oh! It's not on urbanspoon yet but the add is 690 Elizabeth street Carlton. They have a Facebook page as well so you can look them up!