Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wooly Bully

Finally a day off on Sunday for me! and what better things to do then to catch up with friends over awesome food on a glorious sunny day! Bex have always wanted to try Wooly Bully which is situated on Errol Street, just right opposite Auction Rooms. It's a tiny yet quirky cafe with an 80's twist. One side of the cafe was just filled with old records and a record player, a tiny black and white tv could also be seen in the corner and just heaps of old comics hanging around the cafe, and they are all for sale!

We started of our brunch with some drinks. I had a mocha whilst Bex tried their hot chocolate. Their coffee was alright and Bex claimed that their hot chocolate tasted abit diluted. Moving on to zee food, oh man they have THE BEST MAC AND CHEESE I'VE EVER TASTED!!! A serve of macaroni and wholegrain mustard cheese sauce with spinich and herbs. The spinich and mustard just brings a simple classic dish up to another level which is just simply orgasmic indeed. Bex and I just couldn't stop digging into their mac 'n' cheese! We also ordered toasted sesame bagel with cured tasmanian salmon, capers and peppers with cream cheese. Their bagels was good but not as good as the one I had Manchester Press but for the price of $7.50 it was worth it.

It was great spending the day with Bex, we havent done that for a very long time, and the awesome food was just another huge bonus. Can't wait to go back for more mac 'n' cheese! om nom nomz!

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