Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lunch at Fandango

More lunch dates with my girls! I really wanted to try Fandango hence we decided to head off to Errol Street for lunch. I didn't know that they stop serving breakfast at 11am so I was really really disappointed that I didn't get to try their beetroot eggs or their egg pesto. Ah well, all the more reason to re-visit Fandango! I won't rest till I try their beetroot eggs!

The interior of Fandango might be small but it is very cosy place to dine in. There is a courtyard at the back of the cafe which was just adorable. Its nice to just chill there over a nice cup of coffee or tea when the weather is warm and sunny. I was really craving for chai latte on the day but I found out that their house specialty is actually their chai tea. I was curious so I decided to try it, and man was the chai tea deeeeeelicious. It even came with honey and a teapot with those little teapot warmers on. Adorable indeed!

Lunch menus were mainly sandwiches or wraps. I ordered their chicken toasted sandwich with avocado, swiss cheese, spinach and mayo. Dari had their ham, cheese & tomato toasted sandwich with homemade relish. Jiamin ordered their egg and bacon sandwich which consists of fried egg and bacon with spinach, cheese and tomato relish on toasted sourdough whilst Sharon ordered their B.L.A.T sandwich which has bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato and mayo. They were really good sandwiches, great bread and fresh ingredients.

Egg & bacon sandwich

Ham, Cheese & Tomato toasted sandwich

B.L.A.T Sandwich

Chicken avocado sandwich
Will definitely come back to Fandango, I am determined to try their eggs! Probably next week when spring break starts. Till then , stay tune for Fandango part 2!

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