Monday, 26 September 2011

Manchester Press

A catch up session was very much needed hence Adrienne decided to bring me, Nic and Iz to Manchester Press. The place is very much hidden away in an alley on little Bourke street but the interior of the place is very nice. The atmosphere had an urban chic feel to it, the smell of coffees were delightful and oh man, if you are a bagel fan, you HAVE to go to Manchester Press because their bagels are TO.DIE.FOR!

Me and Adrienne started of with some coffees. Manchester Press is very famous for their coffee art as well. We both ordered lattes and when Iz and Nic joined us, they both had a go at their chai lattes. We started of with one of their breakfast bagels, which was bagels with peanut butter, caramelised bananas and fresh strawberries. They were...Y.U.M.Z. Adrienne claimed that ANYTHING with melted peanut butter would be a hit in anyones' book, I sooo agree!

Moving on to some mains! Well their open bagel sandwiches are 12 dollars each. Iz decided to get their Soft egg bagel with smoked salmon whereas I got their bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, dill and capers. Adrienne ordered their avocado and feta bagels whilst I've forgotten what Nic had but it has slices of ham on it. All our bagels has salad on the side and it has a sweet glaze to is. DELICIOUS! They were very generous with their toppings of salmon, ham and avocado.

Thanks Adrienne for introducing me to Manchester Press! I can't wait to bring my mum here, I know she would just love the bagels :)

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  1. It looks so nice! But such small portions >:/ I hate western portions.. always so little and expensive.