Sunday, 22 January 2012

Taxi Dining Room

Haven't blogged for ages! How I've miss you my darling!! Posts that should have been updated monthes ago but due to exams and travelling issues, I just haven't had the time to update my blog, till now!

Back in November, Me, Iz, Nic and Sa decided to grab a quick 'pre-birthday' dinner before Sa flies back to Malaysia, and we decided to grab a quickie at Taxi Dining Room located on Federation Square. Taxi is widely recognised as one of Melbourne’s best restaurants. You can dine exclusively while admiring and enjoy one of Melbourne’s most iconic views, taking in the MCG, Rod Laver Arena, Government House, Southbank, The Arts Centre and, of course, Federation Square. On a side note, Taxi was awarded Two Chefs Hats in 2010.

So we decided to mix and match, we tried their quail, scallops, their soft shell crab sushi and roast stuffed rabbit saddle. Food was amazing indeed, and to be honest its my first time eating both rabbit and quail, truly an experience indeed. Would love to go back and try their lunch deals. 40 bucks for an entree main and dessert, good deal indeed. Shall update this food blog when I do!

So the rabbit was cooked to perfection, not tough at all and very very tender indeed. Rabbit meat can be one of the hardest protein to cook cause it has very little fat in it compared to the other proteins, having the proschiutto wrapping around the rabbit is a great concept in maintaining the tenderness of the rabbit meat. Scallops were to-die-for. It was wrapped in kadayfi pastry. Cooked perfectly such as so its not too chewy or too tough like chewing on bullets. The sauce just binds the entire dish beautifully together.

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