Monday, 23 January 2012

Ponyfish Island

Ever walked passed the yarra river and wondered what that little place under the bridge is? Well that little cosy bar is called the Ponyfish Island! Funky name ey? but boy I enjoyed every bit of it. I would say they serve really good warm hearty food. I ordered their beef goulash with mash which was such a treat indeed, having it with the mash was just an awesome treat for my tastebuds. Bex had their rigatoni with cream mushrooms, peas, almonds and basil. The combination was very well taught up and works beautifully, although it would be even perfect if the pasta was al dente. Needed to be cooked abit longer.

Great place to chill during summer time, cool breeze with a glass of lemon lime and bitters? Perfect indeed. 

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