Thursday, 24 November 2011

Green Refectory

"I have been looking for a breakfast place for quite a while now and I think I found a perfect one in the Green Refectory! Located in Brunswick, Green's is accessible and popular with an amazing breakfast menu at a cheap cost. I enjoyed it very much and will definitely become a regular customer there from now on."

- Yin

Hehe, well that is my sister's 2 cents. Anyways, I was craving for a good big breakfast so between the 4 of us, we ordered their Big Breakfast, their breakfast stack and their pancakes. Instead of the usual maple syrup for their pancakes, they coat it with glorious caramel which is heaven to anyone with a sweet tooth, a little too sweet for my liking, but I would have to say, 3 pancake stacks with banana is really worth it for the price of $7.50. As for their big breakfast, I think its more worthy of being called their MASSIVE breakfast cause seriously, the plate is just been piled up with a whole lot of yummy yummy food, sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, caramelised onions, eggs, toast~ heaven! Last but not least, their breakfast stack was my favourite of the 3 dish, mash potato pattie top off with grilled tomatoes and grilled cheese with poached eggs. Was abit disappointed that the eggs were not poached to perfection but I just adore the potato pattie and its salsa sauce surrounding the dish, just brings it all together beautifully.

Definately coming back for more! I;ve heard that they are quite famous for their open burger, plus their lamb cutlets sounds sinfully delicious as well! Defo going back for more yums food!
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