Sunday, 1 July 2012


Having stumble across this cafe at the start of the year, I have been meaning to pay it a visit but it was hard having Twenty & six Espresso, Fandango and Auction rooms just around corners and I always end up going to familiar places to have my brunch cravings satisfied. BUT! hahaha the day has come!! I finally decided to bring my sisters over to Elceed to have an early breakfast and boy were we NOT disappointed cause the food that they served were absolutely lovely!

Having a really homey and cosy interior, the surrounding just makes you feel right at home, like being in your grandma's kitchen on an early Sunday morning with pancakes mmmm :) Starting with drinks, we had a chai latte and a hot chocolate. The chai latte was really good, with a good tinge of spice, drizzled with warm honey on the top, great balance and it definitely hit the spot and warmed the body up straight away! The hot chocolate on the other hand was abit of a let down, quite diluted for my taste although my sister loved it. Also I realised that the guys in the next table had mush mellows with their hot chocolate and ours didn't! Would love to have some soft gooey mush mellows on ours too! They had a good wide selection or fresh juices and iced green tea which my sister was eyeing the entire morning but we were so stuffed in the end but we had to give it a miss.

Food time! We were spoilt with choices from the menu but in the end I decided on the open scotch sandwich with beetroot relish, pickled onion, rocket, roasted rosemary and garlic potato chunks & chutney. Sound more like a lunch dish ey? but that dish lasted me for the entire day! The scotch was cooked to absolute perfection being medium rare, the meat was juicy and succulent and man the combination of the chutney and beetroot relish was gold. My sisters kept nipping my potatoes away cause it was yum! Rustic plating on a wooden board, love the plating! Yin went with a grilled paprika chicken burger with rocket tomato filling. The chicken was moist and juices were released with every bite. The bread was fluffy and grilled nicely which showcase the awesomeness of simplicity :D Ping was a sweet tooth person so it was no surprise that she went with the Brioche French toast with baked apple, bacon and maple syrup and when the dish came her eyes absolutely pop! She couldn't contain her excitement and just started eating without waiting for Yin or my dishes to arrive! Hmpf! hahaha

Overall we were very happy with breakfast and will definitely be back to try the rest of the menu and of course the juices as well :)

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