Monday, 16 July 2012

Taco Truck!!

Ever since I followed the Taco Truck on twitter I have been dying to try them out!! Always finding the truck  far from where I am, that task has been delayed BUT finallllyyyyy after 3 weeks of patiently waiting, I managed to try the TACO TRUCKKK!! 

Teeheeeeee! xD

Fish, chicken or potato?? That's their menu! Wasn't hard for me to decide, chicken and potato is it!! We for the taco set for two to share which comes with a side of tortilla chips. The chicken came with the soft taco and the potato came in the hard crunchy tacos. The potato taco was yum, although it lacked seasoning of salt, it was still yummy! But the chicken taco omg, with corn spilling out everywhere ( I love corn!! ) yummmmmmmmm!!!

So just a little fun post this time :D Just to add a little excitement in life, follow the taco truck!

P/S: THANKSSSS JOHN + JIAMINNNN for chasing the taco truck with meeee xD next stop! gumbo kitchen and the beatbox kitchen!!

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