Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Coffee Club

So it was a rainy moody morning, and what better way to cheer this day up by starting it off with brunch at the coffee club??

Firstly, my apology for not updating my blog for quite some time now, because of exams and dance, my baby has been hibernating and starving!! So I'm so gonna start filling my baby up with more and more glorious food!

So brunch with Bex, hehe catching up over awesome food? Yummmy oh yum! We started of with some drinks, a hot chocolate for Bex and a mocha for me, and man mine came with those teeny marshmellows! First time having marshmellows in my coffee, half melt and gooeyyy, mmmmm, and on a rainy day! Doesn't get as good as that! Bex ordered their eggs benedict with spinich and mushrooms and a side of avocado while I settled on their specialty big breakfast. My protein fix for the morning included the usual, sausages and bacon, all the good stuff you get when you order breakfast, but but but...mine came with a piece of steak as well! I was like whoaaaa! hahaha Although the steak was a tad bit dry, it was a nice combination when you eat it together with their scramble eggs and sauteed mushrooms. Bex's food...its benedict with mushroom, spinich and avocado man. Nuff said. hahaha

Overall it was a nice day despite the weather, man I can't wait for our next brunch session!

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  1. Woah the toast looks dry man!

  2. The toast was actually very crisp and lightly buttered so it wasn't dry at all!