Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Bombe Alaska! Bombe Alaska!

Wanting to take Sa out for dinner, I decided to hunt for a nice restaurant to try out, having only one thing in mind = Bombe Alaska. I have no idea when this obsession for Bomba Alaska started but me and Sa had this aim of trying out as many bombe alaska as we could possibly find. Hence out pop Bergerac, one of Melbourne's oldest authentic French restaurants located on King's street. Menu looked amazing and serving bombe alaska for dessert, dinner at Bergerac off we go! Lucky for us, we had extra guests on the night, Gaga and his cousin decided to pop by for dinner as well! Awesome company and delicious food? Good night indeed.

So we started off dinner with a glass of sparkling moscato which was a nice refreshing start for our pallets and Gaga ordered mixed bruschetta to start as our appetiser. The mixed bruschetta had 3 different toppings of eggplant, tomato & basil, and last but not least, the authentic garlic and herbs baguette. Lightly toasted with a good crunch, the bruschetta was beautiful and a nice start to the night.

 Moving on to mains, I decided to try the Noisettes D’agneau which was Lamb medallions, gratin potato, baby spinach & rosemary jus. The lamb was cook to perfection, tender and just melts in your mouth, and the rosemary jus was just to-die-for. Amazing consistency and texture and with the lamb was just match made in Heaven. Gaga ordered their Confit de canard à l'Orange which was Duck thighs confit with orange glaze and potato salardaise. Gaga thought it tasted like this chinese medicine duck back from Malaysia but I tried it and it tasted wonderful. I have come to a conclusion is that you can never go wrong with duck and orange. Gaga's cousin had their Filets de Veau aux Cepes which was Pan fried baby veal fillets with porcini mushroom sauce, herb risotto. The herb risotto, I thought was creative and beautifully done and Veal was cooked to perfection. Lastly, Sasa ordered their Poulet aux Vin Rouge, Corn fed chicken breast on mash with lardons, mushrooms & red wine jus. The chicken was so moist and tender! When I first tried it my eyes went from o_o to 0_0!! hahaha I'm not exaggerating, it was sooo good!

The moment where I have been waiting for....DESSERT!! BRING OUT THE BOMBE! hahaha their bombe alaska was Ice cream gateau with dried fruits on almond biscuit, covered in meringue & flambéd with Grand Marnier. Firstly our unflamed bombe was brought to us on the table and the waiter then poured the flame Grand Marnier over our meringue which sets it up into flames and baked our meringue on the spot. We could smell the sweet alcohol aroma coming from the meringue and that just lid up my senses even more, finally after the fire went out by itself, we have our bombe alaske ready to be dug in! Loved it!!! I loved the different texture of the dried fruits, the soft meringue and the chilled ice cream. This doesn't make my bombe alaska cravings go away at all, now I just want more! MORE MORE MORE!!

Overall, a very very satisfying dinner, definately coming back to try the rest of their menu. Price wise, I reakon it's rather cheap for authentic high quality french cuisine and awesome company for the night! Highly recommended!

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